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When possible it is best to see your primary care provider, but sometimes symptoms occur outside normal office hours or you don’t want to wait.

Sterling Health Care offers walk-in and telemedicine appointment options to help make sure patients can be seen as quickly as possible. For minor problems, you can use walk-in care or, in some cases, virtual care. For life-threatening accidents or injuries, call 911 or visit the closest Emergency Department.

Experiencing a Condition? Walk-In Care Emergency Department Virtual Care
Acid Reflux
Allergy (minor)
Asthma Attack (minor)
Bites and Stings
Blurred Vision (sudden onset)
Breathing (difficult)
Broken Bones
minor, no exposed bone
Burns and Cuts
severe burns, deep cuts
Chest Pain
Cold Sores
if severe
Cough and Cold
Ear Pain
>103° for children if fever keeps rising or lasts longer
than 48 hours; or >105° for adults
Foreign Object Removal
if sudden and severe, not migraine
Numbness in Arm, Face, or Leg
Pink eye
Rash, Skin Concern
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Sore Throat
Stomach Pain
if severe
Sprains and Strains
Urinary Tract Infections
if vomiting blood

Sterling Health Care’s mission is to improve the lives for all people in the communities we serve, through improved health, regardless of their ability to pay.

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