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The Beginning

Sterling Health Care’s story started in the spring of 2012 with an idea. Community leaders, including the Health Department Director, applied for a New Access Point Grant with Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to locate a Community Health Center/Federally Qualified Health Care (FQHC) clinic to the initial service area of Bath, Menifee and Montgomery counties.

The grant was awarded in June 2012 and Sterling Health Solutions began seeing patients on October 1, 2012, in the new primary care site located at 209 N. Maysville Street. A second location, the OB/GYN office of Dr. Byram Ratliff at 15 Sterling Avenue, was also acquired at that time to give the company two locations in Montgomery County.  The initial providers for primary care were Dr. Richard Hall; Connie Smith, Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner; and Julena Adams, Physician Assistant.

A total of 718 patients were provided care through the remainder of calendar year 2012, launching the story of the company that today employs more than 210 employees and has attained multiple milestones during its journey.

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Sterling Health Care’s mission is to improve the lives for all people in the communities we serve, through improved health, regardless of their ability to pay.

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