Beginning in 2016, I assisted a family, new to the area with interpretation for their handicapped son.  During this time, the mother told me that she had been previously diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes; however, at that time, she had no doctor to go to in Mount Sterling, due to her language barriers.  I helped the family become familiar with medical services at Sterling Health Care in Mount Sterling and helped the mother establish care there.  Since then, her health issues have been under control.  She continues to take medication as prescribed and continues with follow-up visits to her Nurse Practitioner.  And, most importantly, she remains in good health to care for her handicapped child.

Sterling Health Community Health Worker

January 2018

Our family had been looking for doctors close to home instead of traveling to Lexington.  Sterling Health was recommended by a friend.  We set up our new patient appointments and it has been smooth sailing ever since.  The office staff and clinical staff have all been wonderful.  We get in and out in a timely fashion and our paperwork is always up to date.

The BEST story is that before our new patient appointments even happened, our teenage daughter had some critical health issues.  These affected her physically and emotionally.  She had been treated for anxiety with medication for several years but as she got older the anxiety was getting worse and depression was setting in.  With one phone call we were able to get her in to see a medical nurse practitioner almost immediately.  Although it has not been smooth sailing for our daughter, Sterling Health has provided not only the medical care she needs bu the encouragement and emotional support for our whole family.  I love that they work as a team.  My daughter has a team--medical nurse practitioner, psychiatric nurse practitioner and therapist.  They treat the whole person and work together for the good of their patient.

I recommend Sterling Health to everyone.  They serve the family and building those relationships with health care providers is priceless.

Sterling Health Patient

January 2018