Sliding Fee Scale Program

The Sliding Fee Scale sets a discount on what you pay, based on the size of your family and your family’s annual income.  Patients eligible for the Sliding Fee Scale Program will pay a nominal fee (co-pay) for their office visit and will receive discounts on other clinical services.  Sliding Fee Scale Program patients may also receive discounts on medications, available from our inhouse pharmacy, Sterling Health Pharmacy.  Many routine labs are also covered through the program.  The Sliding Fee Scale Program is available for all patients of Sterling Health Care, regardless of their insurance status.  To apply for the Sliding Fee Scale Program, bring the required information to the Sterling Health facility of your choosing.  (A list of required information can be found by clicking the button below.

For an estimate of how the Sliding Fee Scale can benefit you, please enter in your family size and annual income below and click 'Calculate'.


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